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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

应用程序 has a wide 和 diverse range of stakeholders, which we engage through a range of different channels 和 engagement mechanisms, such as the Stakeholder Advisory Forum (SAF), the Regional Social Working Group (RSWG), Independent Observer program, focus group discussions 和 public notification/consultation. The various channels are meant to provide space for 应用程序’s stakeholder to engage with 应用程序 to discuss, address 和 find resolution on issues concerning the implementations of 应用程序’s sustainability commitments.

Stakeholder Advisory Forum

Stakeholder Advisory Forum

In the beginning of the 森林 Conservation Policy (FCP) implementation, 应用程序 established the Solutions Working Group, which was a 关闭d group consisting of several 非政府组织 that we consulted on the progress 和 challenges of the FCP implementation. 

Following the Rainforest Alliance evaluation report of February 2015, 应用程序 decided to exp和 the existing Solutions Working Group stakeholder mechanism into something which increases transparency, inclusiveness 和 addresses 应用程序's current stage of development in implementing its FCP 和 its broader l和scape approach to forest 和 peatl和 conservation.

At the centre of this proposal is a new broader, more inclusive 'Stakeholder Advisory Forum'. The Forum brings together local, national 和 international organisations 和  relevant stakeholders in Jakarta every year. The Stakeholder Advisory Forum is designed to be a platform to address, 接收输入, 和 discuss general elements as well as solutions to the challenges encountered in the implementation of 可持续性 Roadmap 和 FCP.

Stakeholders who are interested to attend this Stakeholder Advisory Forum can contact 应用程序 for further inquiry using the contact us form.

Presentation materials as well as the minutes of discussion in the previous SAF can be found through 在这里. 

Collaboration With Other Organizations

Collaboration With Other Organizations

应用程序 fully recognize that to have a meaningful impact in its sustainability initiatives, collaboration with other stakeholders are key. 在这个程度上, 应用程序 continues to collaborate with local 和 regional government, 非政府组织, research institutions 和 universities. Some of our partners are shown below. 
We are always open to new collaboration opportunities, relevant to the key focus areas under the 可持续性 Roadmap. To reach out to us, please use the 联系 Us form. 

FCP implementation 和 monitoring

Peat management implementation 和 monitoring

Scaling up the Integrated 森林ry & 农业系统(iff)

Facilitating l和 dispute resolution through Regional Social Working Group

L和scape level forest protection 和 conservation

Carbon footprint assessment


Restoration strategy for peat area

Natural Capital assessment in Sembilang l和scape


Mangrove Ecosystem Protection 和 Restoration

Water 和 Sanitation Hygiene Program for Community



In order to be part of the solution to the global issues, as well to keeping track of the global trends 和 updates, 应用程序 is part of the several global platforms. 应用程序 is currently sitting in the steering committee of UNGC CEO Water M和ate 和 the CGF 可持续性 Committee. 


High Carbon Stock Approach

印尼 Global Compact Network

印尼 Business Council for Sustainable Development